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Fluid Flow Calibration

Our Fluid Flow calibration laboratory is equipped with Certified Reference materials , Standard viscometers , Precision stop watch, high stability viscosity bath to perform calibrations of all types of Fluid Flow instruments including all types of capillary viscometers , ford cups etc and any other Fluid Flow instruments.
We offer a wide range of Fluid Flow Calibration Services. Instruments which are used & can be calibrated at our laboratory are for measurement in this category is:
  • Cannon Fenskye Routine Viscometers
  • Direct Flow Viscometers
  • U tube Reverse Flow Viscometers
  • Suspended Level Viscometers
  • Opague Viscometers
  • Ubbelohde Viscometers
  • BS/IP/Sl suspended Level viscometers
  • BS/IP/SL(S) viscometers
  • Ford Cup