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Industrial Thermometers

V-Line Industrial Thermometers
Low cost robust industrial thermometer designed for high vibration applications. Ideal for diesel engines, turbines, marine and shipping applications.

Round or Prismatic Glass Thermometer with mercury or red spirit filling. Scale printed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

These are available with the common features as follows:

Range Various upto 600 °C
Least Count/Graduation: 1 °C or 2 °C
Upper Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
Upper Body Length: 110mm, 150mm , 200mm or As Required
Thermowell Material: Brass for < 300 °C Mild Steel for > 300 °C
Thermowell Immersion Length: Various as per requirement
Thermowell Process Connection: 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" BSP/NPT

Metal Armoured / Metal Encased Thermometers
Metal encased thermometers are thermometers which have been fitted into a metal body and have been made for specific applications. Both Stem type and enclosed scale can be fitted in metal bodies. Generally for industrial applications thermometers are fitted in metal bodies..

Closed Cup / Tank Dipping / Tank / Deep Tank Thermometers / Copper Dip Thermometer
Specially designed for measurement of temperature of deep tanks. Mercury/red spirit filled glass thermometer fitted on an aluminum scale installed in a case fabricated from copper sheet.
These are available with the common features as follows:

Range As per Standard
Least Count/Graduation As per Standard
Total Length: As per Standard
Immersion Length: As per Standard

Electrical Contact Thermometers
Fixed Contact Thermometers
Variable Contact Thermometers