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Laboratory Thermometers

Incubator & Poultry Thermometers
Used in Poultry industry to keep track of humidity & temperature of Incubator. These are available with the common features as follows:

Note : Blue & red reflection capillary give better visibility
Range 80 to 120°F
Least Count/Graduation: 1 °F,
Total Length: 130 to 135 MM
Prismatic Capillary Available in Yellow,White ,Blue Reflection & Red Reflection Capillary

Kata Thermometer
An alcohol-filled thermometer of specified design that is heated above ambient temperature and then allowed to cool; the time taken to cool between specified temperatures is a measure of the heat content of the environment that takes into account air movement as well as temperature.Kata Thermometer is used for observing the rate of heat loss ( "Cooling Power") which coupled with the dry bulb temperature reading enables the velocity of air movement to be calculated. There thermometers are approximately 9" long with graduations and figures engraved at two temperatures on the stem and the factor number engraved on the back .

Globe Thermometer
Globe thermometer is used by heating & ventilating engineers ,medical officers and others concerned with enviournmental conditions in factories ,laboratories etc to compute radiation Intensity .In some Enviournmental conditions for example in factories where hot processes are carried out it is necessary to measure the mean temperature of solid surroundings when attempting to control or improve working conditions . This information will show whether excessive radiant heat is reaching the workers . Conversely such measurements would also show whether cold surroundings are causing undue loss by radiation from human body.

Tobacco Barn Thermometer
  • Used for colour cure of tobacco.

Digital Thermometer

Wall Thermometer / Room Thermometer
Wall thermometer are alcohol filled thermometers fitted on scale could in degree F or degree C as per use or requirement and hung on wall of a room and used for measuring room temperature . They can be fiited on metal , wooden or plastic frame with scale printed on the frame itself. They are complete immersion thermometers .

Soil Thermometers
A thermometer used to measure the temperature of the soil. Two forms of the mercury-in-glass thermometer are used for this purpose. For measurement at small depths, a thermometer with a right-angle bend in the stem is used. The bulb is inserted into a hole in the ground with the stem lying along the surface. A thermometer that has been fused into an outer protecting glass shield is used for measurement at greater depths. Wax is inserted between the bulb and the shield to increase the time constant.