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Quality systems such as the ISO 9000 , ISO 17025 ,ISO 9001 ISO14000, NABH etc series of quality standards, require systematic and well-documented calibrations, with regards to accuracy, repeatability and uncertainty analysis. Through our calibration and validation services, we enable our customers to meet these stringent requirements with minimal investment of time and money. Our team will help you manage your calibration needs to meet and exceed your next audit requirements.

Traceability and Conformity
We maintain all our calibration and validations traceable to National and International Standards. Our state of the art master standards are calibrated at NPL New Delhi, India, DKD & NIST Accredited laboratories. Our well documented procedures and quality processes conform to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Our Laboratory have been approved by NABL, Deptt Of Science & Technology, Govt Of India. We have One of the Best CMC across the India. We have state of the art world class calibration equipments from H.Tinsley, Hart Scientific, and Fluke. Mettler Toledo, Ludwig Schneider(Germany), Koehler & Cannon (USA) etc.
Measurement Uncertainty Analysis
Accurately documented measurement uncertainty analysis is the backbone of all our calibration services. Our measurement uncertainty analysis conforms to the NABL Document 141
Highly Trained Qualified & Experienced Metrologists
Your calibration and validations are performed by our technical team of highly trained metrologists. Our internal and external training program ensures continuous improvement of our knowledge base.
Excellent Value
Highly accurate and traceable calibration services at a fair price. We work to establish a cost-effective solution for all your calibration and validation needs.
Turnaround Time
We understand the importance and cost of instrument downtime and strive to provide you with the fastest possible turnaround time for our in house calibrations. Instruments are calibrated and promptly returned to put back into service.
Calibration Due Date Reminders
Our calibration management system will send you due date reminders typically a month before the recommended due date for re-calibrations. Temperature is one of the fundamental measurement parameters that relates to a variety of pharmaceutical, industrial and chemical systems. Accurate and repeatable measurement of temperature is critical in these applications. Through our calibration services we enable you to maintain all your measurement instruments and controlled environment equipments like ovens, incubators, refrigerators, deep-freezers and thermometers and other temperature sensors well-calibrated and operational.
Measurement Capability & Accuracy
Our Calibration capability covers wide range of parameters with high accuracy using state-of-the-art precision master equipments with an unmatched measurement accuracy. with the use of special stability baths ,DRY Block's. , multifunction calibrators, hydrometers , precision balance , slip gauge sets, Vital Sign simulators, Electrical safety analyzer, gas flow analyzer .